Church of Scotland

Archie is Retiring -30 June 2021

A fond farewell will be said to our minister, the Rev Archie Speirs. as he delivers his last service at Inverkip Church on Sunday, 27 June 2021 at 10 am, prior to his official retirement date of 30 June.

Archie has been our minister for almost 8 years, having been inducted on 13 August 2013 to the linked charge of Inverkip, Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay. In his quiet, unassuming way, he has gradually introduced some new styles of worship, with the help of Chris Barlas, our Pastoral Assistant. Chris has really appreciated Archie’s guidance on his way into the ministry of the Church of Scotland. Archie instigated a close bond with Father Desmond Berry of St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s Church in Wemyss Bay with joint Carol services at Christmas and sharing in the Passover meal at Easter.

The Café Church at Wemyss Bay Station Café on a Thursday night has been very popular and provided an informal meeting place for worship.  Again, the Soul Searching meetings on a Sunday evening provided another alternative form of worship for those unable to attend Sunday morning services.

Archie re-established the links with the local Primary Schools and we had some wonderful services at the various end of term events. With his help, we installed the sound and screen system which enhanced worship with the use of modern technology.  Our system came into it’s own during Covid restrictions as services could be recorded and uploaded to youtube and copied to DVD for those without internet, which was extremely well received.

As well as carrying out all of his duties, Archie found time to enjoy his love of sailing and the beautiful scenery of the Clyde, not without some mishaps! Also, he and Christine adopted two girls, Iram and Joanna, and took on the role of looking after their two young grandchildren, Ellie and Riley. So with a year under Covid restrictions he and Christine were busy with home schooling and Archie was under a lot of pressure with the increased number of deaths as a result of Covid.  So it was not  the easiest of run ups to retirement !

Archie has made many friends during his time at Inverkip Church and has worked tirelessly to bring the two linked charges together.   We wish you and Christine a long and happy, very well deserved, Retirement. 

A huge Thank You and All the Very Best for the Future from All of your friends at Inverkip Church and the wider community. God Bless