Church of Scotland


We currently have a copyright licence through Christian Licensing International Ltd and we are required to submit an annual report, containing information on various recordings and copies we use. We need a representative from each relevant group to pass on the information required to the Treasurer on a monthly basis, preferably by email:-

  • Hymns/songs reproduced in the order of service eg The Blessing sung at Baptismal services. Information required is the song title/first line and author.
  • Photocopied words and/or music for hymns and worship songs for use by the choir/congregation. Information required is the songbook (source) and the publisher.
  • Photocopies of non-music publications eg Hand-outs, quizzes etc for Sunday School and other activities.
  • For groups that use the church hall eg country dancing, fitness classes etc, what format the music or recording is in eg CD, cassette, vinyl, DVD, MP3 video and what the record label is eg EMI, Decca or a Christian label. We do NOT need to report each individual song or track or the author/composer.

Any queries, please speak to Hilary.